Bubble Shooter

Fun game that allows players to shoot bubbles


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  • Category Puzzle
  • License Trial version
  • Size 3.16 MB
  • Works under Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP
  • Also available for Android 
  • Language English
  • Program by Absolutist

Keep Shooting those Bubbles

Bubble Shooter is one of the most popular puzzle games around. This game is almost legendary among players from all around the world and in a large number of countries. Keep on to find out what makes Bubble Shooter so popular.

The concept of Bubble Shooter is as simple as the name of the game. When the game begins, the screen is filled with coloured bubbles. At the bottom of the screen is a type of cannon that is loaded with coloured bubbles. Players simply aim the cannon at the screen and shoot one bubble at a time.

When a collection of three or more bubbles of the same colour is achieved, these bubbles will burst, leaving that section of the screen empty. The object of the game is to empty the screen of bubbles before the timer ticks down. New levels of bubbles appear from time to time, helping the screen to fill up. If the screen becomes completely full, the game will be over and players will have to start again.

Once you have completed the screen and cleared the level from bubbles, you will be able to level up. Each level is a little bit more difficult than the last, although not too much more difficult. Overall, the pacing of the game is rather slow and it can be rather repetitive. Despite this, there is no denying that Bubble Shooter is a very addictive game and players are sure to want to start all over time and time again.

The Time Trial mode adds an extra element from the game. In this mode, players have to advance as far as they can in the game in a set amount of time. This helps to add an element of urgency to the game play and can help to keep gamers on their toes if the fun of the regular game mode is starting to wear a little thin.

Bubble Shooter is packed with so many levels that getting to the end is almost impossible, which may well be part of its appeal. Players are encouraged to share their scores and keep reaching for the stars, which are awarded for scoring large collections of matching bubbles in a single shot. There are also special bonus bubbles to look out for, which can help players to clear the screen of all of the bubbles of a certain colour.

The bright and bold colours of the bubbles are very attractive and this game is a particular hit among younger players. Not too much skill is required, while using the controls and understanding the basic concept of the game is very easy. with mere seconds players can have their cannons ready and begin shooting at the ever present bubbles.

The gradual difficulty curve in the game is set perfectly to draw players in and keep them wanting more. There are also different backgrounds from time to time to make things a little bit more interesting.

It is easy to see why Bubble Shooter is so popular among lovers of puzzle games. The game features a certain amount of skill while also being easy enough that you can simply turn to it when you want to relax and unwind for a few minutes. The colourful graphics and sound effects combine with fresh fun for all the family to enjoy.


  • Very addictive game play
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • The controls are easy to use
  • Colourful bubbles to shoot
  • Lots of levels to complete


  • The game can be a bit repetitive
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